DHR H400 Series
DHR H400 Series
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DHR H400 Series

The H400 Maritone is the first air horn developed by DHR which has been approved according the international rules of Colreg ‘72. An excellent whistle for seagoing vessels with a maximum length of 75 meters. It has an audible range of more than 1 nautical mile. The combination of high quality materials and precision manufacturing, provides superior durability for a lifetime operation. With the introduction of the attractive H400 Maritone, DHR positions itself as a pioneer in advanced maritime signalling solutions.


Sea-going vessels up to 75m in length

Inland navigation vessels on German inland waterways (Seeschifffahrtsstraßen)


316L stainless steel membrane housing

Brass horn with powder coated finishing


Air horn 2.6 Kg

Mounting bracket 0.1 Kg



Air consumption

8 - 12 l/s at 7 Bar

Note that a powerfull onboard compressor with air storage tank is needed to provide enough airpressure and airflow.

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