DHR300RCB leitarljós
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Fjarstýrt leitarljós

250W LED

Rafstýrt mótorhús

Stillanlegur fókus 4-20°

Dregur um 1.700 metra miðað við 1 Lux

Ljósmagn 3.200.000 Candela

Spenna ljósabúnaður 230V AC

Spenna rofaborð (fjarstýring) 24V DC

Þéttleiki IP66


The 300RCB-series proves again that DHR has the know-how and know-why for adopting the best LED-technology available for searchlights. A perfect solution for tugs, workboats, high speed vessels and pilot boats. A big advancement, which uses a new revolutionary LED-chip having the highest lumen output per square mm2. It boosts up to 20.000 lumens from an area less than a square centimetre. Combine this with an optical system consisting of a glass lens and a silver-mirror reflector, it creates the highest performing LED searchlight to date.


Chromated seawater resistant aluminium housing with a UV-resistant RAL9016 powdercoat finish.

All other materials are corrosion resistant and non-magnetic.


28 Kg


Hardened glass

Parabolic mirror reflector Ø 300 mm

Protection class

IP66 c/w Membrane vent

Motor Unit

Pan 340º Speed 1,6° or 3,4°/ sec

Tilt +20º/-25º Speed 1,6° or 3,4°/ sec

Self regulating heating element


Can be controlled by a control panel or joystick

Remote controllable beam width (focus)

Control panel functions

On/off switch of the light source

On/off switch of the panel

Two-step speed control

Focus control

Pan/tilt through joystick

Control panel protection

Protects motors against overload

Control panel extras

Relay included - for switching on the light source

You can connect a second control panel

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