GC80 Compact Gyro System MK2
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Fully IMO approved forstandard and High Speed Craft (GC85) and can be configured in a dualgyrocompass system. The highest possible accuracy and stability is providedfrom new technology, by sophisticated and fully sealed sensitive element.




Product details

The Simrad GC80gyrocompass is the ideal solution for the advanced DP system needed in offshoreindustry. Shipowners as well as DP system providers all over the world havelearned that the Simrad GC series gyrocompass offers the most flexible gyrocompass solution on the market. A combination of a Dual- and an Expandedsystem, consisting of all together three gyro compasses will offer a DP vesselall the heading and control information needed for effective operations underthe most harsh conditions. The simple and quick installation and set-up processas well as the fact that no annual service is required makes a Simrad gyrosystem the best solution for any 24/7 operator. The world wide service and warrantynetwork ensures extra support whenever needed. System flexibility The mostflexible Gyrocompass on the market, for installation, configuration and cost. Awide range of control units provide complete flexibility of systemconfiguration for new installation and easy retrofit into existing repeatersystems. The standard range of interfaces can easily be expanded to providesignals for all vessel applications. The distribution of power and headingsignals from the control units enables practical installation and easyretrofit.

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