LP9 Pro LED Auxiliary Light Pod - Universal
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LP9 Pro Ökutækjaljós

A design that was inspired by Baja Designs legendary 8 inch LaPaz HID; The LP9 features modern styling and performance, with some of the mostadvanced LED technologies available today. The LP9 utilizes 9 forwardprojecting LEDs and 6 LEDs for Integrated Peripheral Technology (IPT) for atotal lumen output of 12,547 at 9A. The IPT provides an incredible 200-degreespread of usable light and the housing was designed to provide exceptional heatdispersion by using Direct Ducted Cooling, which allows air to travel from thefront of the housing to the rear. With a day-time running light, low, and highpower mode, the LP9 will fulfill all your lighting needs. 

The LP9 Pro is available in multiple patterns to suit yourneeds. The driving/combo pattern provide maximum trail coverage in a singlelight. The driving/combo pattern is equipped with both driving (42 degrees) andspot (8 degrees) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for bothnear-field applications and distance (Lighting Zones, 1,2, 3). The Spot patternis a longer and narrower 8-degree beam focus for illumination further down thetrail or road (Lighting Zone 4 & 5) and is designed to be used inconjunction with additional wide cornering and/or driving/combo auxiliarylights.

The addition of red, blue, or green backlight options alongsideour original amber on the LP6 Pro gives enthusiasts the choice to customizetheir vehicle for shows, photo shoots or anywhere they want to bringattention.


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