OP50 Remote Controller (Portrait)
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OP50 Remote Controller (Portrait)

Perfectly designed for mounting in a helm chair arm, between monitors, or in other locations suiting a vertical or ‘portrait’ orientation, the OP50 provides intuitive keypad and rotary-dial command of up to six compatible Simrad multifunction displays.

Product details

Manage Multiple Displays

Networked with a single NMEA 2000® connection for both power and control, one OP50 Remote Controller can operate up to six networked multifunction displays. Integrated LED indicators clearly show which display is selected, while a dedicated button cycles quickly through the available displays.

Controls Optimised for Simrad Displays

The OP50 Remote Controller features a keypad specifically designed to operate Simrad multifunction displays efficiently and reliably in all conditions. The controller’s high-quality aluminium dial features a knurled edge for precise control, and built-in cursor functions for easy on-screen navigation. An OP50 can be used to add classic controls to a touchscreen system, as the main controller for a non-touch system, or to give one station total control over multiple Simrad displays.

Easy Mounting in Vertical or ‘Portrait’ Orientation

The portrait OP50 is perfectly suited to mounting in the arm of a helm chair, with its narrow design and side-entry cable. This orientation is also ideal for use in narrow consoles and beside Simrad touchscreen or pilothouse marine monitors. Dash mounting provides a slim eight-millimetre profile, while an optional bracket allows total flush-mount installation.

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