R5024 30U/12S CAT 2 Radar
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This S-Band radar system meets type approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 SOLAS vessels. Reliably detect targets in poor weather conditions with a 12-foot open array and 30 kilowatt up-mast transceiver. A modern and intuitive interface offers ease of use, while a modular design enables simple yet flexible installation.

Product details

Type-Approved S-Band Radar

S-Band radar offers a secondary system to X-Band radar, and delivers superior target detection in harsh weather conditions such as rain or fog. This complete system meets type approval standards for use aboard CAT 2 SOLAS vessels, including high speed craft, and includes a lightweight 12-foot open array antenna with 30 kilowatt up-mast transceiver. An up-mast design supports easy and cost-effective installation, with just two thin cables between the antenna and the rest of the system. Cable runs of up to 65 metres are supported, and a digital connection between the transceiver and control station ensures a crystal clear picture.

Easy to Learn and Operate

Our R5000 systems are designed for ease of use, and feature a modern interface with intuitive keypad and trackball controls. The R5024 includes a 24-inch widescreen display to give operators constant access to key information, alerts, and settings without distracting from the central PPI. The same interface is used across our complete series of X-Band and S-Band solutions, offering a consistent experience for operators of multi-radar systems.

Simple and Flexible Installation

This modular system is based on the R5000 radar processor: a high performance ‘black-box’ system that connects directly to the transceiver via a thin and easy-to-route Ethernet cable. The R5000’s compact design enables easy installation, even aboard smaller vessels. Multiple R5000 processors can be networked together to create multi-radar systems, including up to four radar transceivers, four individual control stations, and additional ‘clone’ stations. In a fully networked system any station can control any connected radar system, offering both flexibility and redundancy.

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