RLX B Floodlight
RLX B Floodlight
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RLX B Floodlight

This is our newest product in the LED floodlight family. It is a very compact and high output light for smaller and medium size boats. The small size makes it easy to install and fit anywhere and will insure great light on deck for many years.

The RLX™ B LED Floodlight is also designed for use in various other segments, such as landbased industry. It is the perfect light for cranes and construction equipment, where light matters!

Compact, robust and sealed

40 Watt

9-36 VDC

5.000 lumen

Operating ambient temp. -40C to +55C

Made to handle shocks and vibrations

No maintenance

Designed and produced in Scandinavia

Excellent EMC characteristics

Encapsulated internal electronics

Corrosion class C5m

Initial lumious flux 5.000

Color rendering indexmin. 70

Color temperature

5.000K (+/- 500K)

Beam angles

40° + 60° beam

Rated power


IP Class

IP 66/67/68

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