RLX C Floodlight
RLX C Floodlight
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RLX C Floodlight

is our smaller series floodlight that can replace 500W Halogen or smaller HPS/HMI lamps only by using 80W of power.

RLX™ C has like RLX™ D & RLX D Gen3 also the different beam options from 10-120 degrees, making RLX™ C able to give a good light impact also on long distances when choosing the most narrow beam options.

It is a compact and powerful light for small and mid-size vessels.

Flicker Free

Made to handle shocks and vibrations

No maintenance

Designed and produced in Scandinavia

Compact, robust and sealed

Excellent EMC characteristics

Encapsulated internal electronics

No ballast required

Available for hazardous areas

Corrosion glass C5m

Initial lumious flux


Color rendering index

min. 70

Color temperature

5.000K (+/- 500K)

Beam angles

10 spot beam – 110 wide beam

Candela (min-max) in 1.000

4,8-110 cd

Max. light intensity

1.487 cd/W

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