RLX DXZ1.21 Floodlight
RLX DXZ1.21 Floodlight
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RLX DXZ1.21 Floodlight

This is a very powerful Ex Zone 1 certified LED flood light for tankers, oil rigs and other hazardous areas.

It is crafted to be appreciated from installation to end user, both ATEX and IECEx zone 1, 2, 21 and 22. Light weight, simple termination and no flame path to maintain.

Both the encapsulated electronics and durable mechanics maximizes the potential of the LED technology for demanding applications. The RLX™ DxZ1.21 will endure very corrosive environments as well as shocks and continual vibrations. It also lives up to strict EMC/EMI standards.

By utilizing the various light-beam options, the RLX™ DxZ1.21 is the ideal floodlight to improve the total light solution.

ATEX and IECEx approved. Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22

Low weight, 15 kg

No specific conditions for use or installation. “X-FREE”

Wide operating temperatures -55° C to +55° C

Temperature classes T6/T5/T4

Extreme lifetime up to 180 000 hrs* (70% light output remaining)

Light efficiency up to 80% savings from conventional

No flame path, no maintenance

MIL-STD-461, remarkable EMC/EMI characteristics

Crafted for demanding marine and offshore conditions

Initial lumious flux


Color rendering index

min. 70

Color temperature

5.000K (+/- 500K)

Beam angles

15º, 40º, 60º, 60×40, 80×60, 45×15

Input voltage

100-277VAC, 100-300VDC

Ambient temperature (Ta)

– 55° C to + 55° C

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