SL40 R5 Halogen
SL40 R5 Halogen
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SL40 R5 Halogen

The SL40 R5 is designed to meet marine requirements. Benefitting from low weight (Aluminium motorhouse and lamphouse), simple mounting and long run time, the design is clean and compact and all components are chosen to withstand corrosion.

The Searchlights are especially equipped for vessels with high demand of light output or operating in harsh winter and ice conditions such as tugs, icebreakers, offshore supply vessels or ice-classed vessels. The SL40 R5 Searchlights provide reliable lighting in a wide range of watt sizes and different voltages. They are also designed for arctic environments with temperatures down to -40 °C.

The SL40 R5 is operated by use of a control panel(s), with joystick and buttons, and are simple to install and operate.

The proven electronic technology used in the SL40 R5 enables long cable runs. Between control panels and searchlight the cable run can be up to 5000 meters, which simplifies installation and ensures a very flexible system design onboard of vessels.

Light source

QT 1000W, 2000W


Suitable for all kinds of ships, the control system is based on a proven conventional relay/transistor technology and a standard multi-core cable. Each searchlight can be controlled by unlimited number of main panels. The SL40 R5 is open to be operated in conjunction with the touch screen based R60 BUS control system. The main panel is delivered with a joystick and buttons for lamp on/off, horizontal and vertical speed adjustment. Vertical movement 60 degrees. There are also versions available with lamp focus function.


Adjustable beam on most versions, with a durable high polished aluminium reflector, specially designed for halogen lamps


230 V


High quality seawater resistant aluminium housing finished in white polyester coating. Other RAL colours for housing on request.


Easy mounting direct to deck or on pedestal


Connecting with cable glands in polyamide. Up to 5000 meters cable between main panel and searchlight.

Scope of delivery

C=Searchlight complete, with manual Focus (hand wheel)

CF=Searchlight complete, with electronic Focus (panel)

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